Collection, Shipping, and Handling Instructions

Please ship all specimens by overnight carrier on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to assure receipt in the laboratory by Friday and contact the laboratory prior to shipment (716) 859-7741.  Primary specimen containers must have at least two patient-specific identifiers.

Tissue specimens: Specimens should be snap frozen in liquid nitrogen at the moment of excision in the operating room, then stored at -70˚C until shipment, and sent overnight in an insulated container (e.g., with a styrofoam insert) on dry ice (5 lbs. minimum). Be sure to check specimen quantity requirements for the testing requested before collection and shipment.

Embedded specimens used for sectioning in a cryostat for histopathology and stored at -20˚ prior to shipment are generally not acceptable for analysis.

Frozen plasma or serum: Samples should be collected after a minimum 4-hour fast and stored at -20˚C until shipment in an insulated container overnight on dry ice.

Whole blood: Samples should be collected at a time that assures arrival in the laboratory within 24 hrs of collection. (Most specimens arrive at the laboratory by 10:30AM). Ship in an insulated container overnight at room temperature.